3D Printing Consulting

Aditiv is a 3D printing consulting firm dedicated to facilitating growth, customization, and manufacturer development through additive manufacturing, robotics, and other emerging technologies with industrial applications. Whether you are a large manufacturing company or a venture capital backed startup we can work on streamlining your manufacturing process from start to finish using our global partnerships and consulting services. We consult on everything from retooling factories to protecting intellectual property and what limits technology currently imposes on our ambitions.

Manufacturing Consultants

Aditiv has consultants focused on the needs of the manufacturing community. The primary goal when we deal with clients is to help them convert to new technologies and increase margins on products, provide more customization, and protect intellectual property. 3D printing, robotics, and other technologies are making new methods of manufacturing possible. Companies that retool and prepare for the future now, will inevitably do better in the global marketplace and will be able to provide a much better user experience for customers. Working with our global partners we are accelerating the adoption of new technologies by manufacturing companies.